Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Under $15Sure, you could grab a spendy Halloween costume at the store, but where’s the fun for your kid in being the umpteenth Tinkerbell/Spiderman at the party? And who wants to shell out the full $23 that consumers expected to spend on Halloween costumes last year?

Luckily, Halloween is a holiday that gives props for creativity, so let our ideas for ooh-worthy costumes on the cheap—made with the items you may already have lying around the house—inspire you.

And all for under $15 each.

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  • another balloon costume is bubble bath (Mr. Bubble) Wear pink and tape pink balloons all over with a bottle of the bubble bath in the middle. My friend’s mom did this one year and it was hilarious

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE that idea – thanks for sharing, Christina!