Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays: Budget-Friendly Gifts For Kids


Guerilla Guide to the Holidays: Budget Friendly Gifts For KidsDon’t look now, but here come the holidays (really, they’re just eight weeks away!). This year, we’re going to make planning and budgeting for them a snap. 

We’re starting early, to help you tackle the season step by step—and save time, money and stress. Look for our Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays in your inbox once a week from now until the end of December.

Follow along with our tasks each week, and we promise that by the end of December, you’ll be singing carols with your family, with gifts wrapped and everything done and under budget.

This week, we start tackling holiday shopping early, to help you beat the crowds and get it done. Plus, buying gifts early will help you see the rest of your holiday budget more clearly (holiday parties, travel, etc.), because the big chunk of change for gifts won't be obscuring your view.

When we were getting ready for the holidays as kids, we looked forward to snowball fights, days off from school and perfectly wrapped gifts that other people bought for us.

Now, we look forward to creating budgets.

Just kidding. But while we can still enjoy snowball fights and days off from work, being Santa gets tough when it comes to actually buying those magical gifts that our kids will find under the tree.

Of course we want to get incredible gifts for everyone on our list ... but spreading holiday cheer is not supposed to put Santa in credit card debt.

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

How do you budget for holiday spending?

In today's LV Moms Daily, we'll help you find meaningful, educational and fun presents for the kids on your list ... without going broke in the process. Below, you'll find gift ideas for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, ranging from $4 to $50, and not a cent over.

Through the actions you take and the attitudes you voice, remind loved ones (kids and adults alike) that the holidays are about thoughtfulness, not material possessions. Start by setting up a holiday gift budget for each person you plan to buy for, and stick to it. Even if that means spending less money than you have in the past, pair the gifts with beautiful cards, a warm family dinner and lots of gigantic hugs. In fact, for the older friends and family on your list, determining what their love languages are can really help you find gifts they will love—no matter the price.

Stay tuned next week, when we'll cover gifts for kids on your list in elementary, junior high and high school. 

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