Food for a Month: Week 2

Food for a Month: Week 2Looking for more quick yummy dinners? Our Food for a Month series continues with a second week of delicious recipes. (Go here for the recipes from week one.)

Click on the first slide below for your complete shopping list for week two; the recipes will follow. Then, do the prep work that will set you up for an entire week of easy, homemade meals.

The Menu

Day 1: Chicken and a rainbow of grilled vegetables
Day 2: Grilled vegetable sandwich
Day 3: Pesto pasta
Day 4: Vegetable chili
Day 5: Peanut butter stew
Snack: Kale chips

The Plan for Week 2

Pull the chicken from the fridge, set on a plate, pat it dry and follow these grilling instructions. In meantime, prep onion, sweet potatoes, peppers, garlic and corn following our grilling instructions here.

Once ready, turn the grill to high: Place the peppers on the hottest spot and place onion, garlic and sweet potato foil packets on the coolest part of the grill. When the grill is hot, turn to medium and add the zucchini and mushrooms. Place the corn on the grill and turn to low. Prop up chicken on grill according to instructions and cover.

Let cook until peppers and corn husks are charred (15-20 minutes), onions are translucent/garlic and sweet potatoes are soft (about 30 – 40 minutes). When garlic is cool, gently squeeze cloves and they will slide out of their casing. Chicken will take about an hour to cook.

Finally, clean the cilantro and the kale, then make the cilantro pesto and the kale chips.

Note: Each recipe for the following days calls for 1/4 of the chicken. Think of each breast as 1/4 of the chicken and each thigh plus drum stick as 1 portion. Feel free to mix it up by using 1/2 of the breast and either the leg or thigh as a portion to enjoy both light and dark meat.

For all the recipes and the shopping list for this week, click here.

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  • Liz

    can you make a “subscribe” button for this series?

  • The new downloadable pdf with all the shopping lists, recipes and meals in one place is so super helpful! Thank you!!!

    • Evam

      where did you find it?

  • sara wajerski


    Just wanted to let you know that the chicken stock recipe isn’t linked “here”. 

    Also, just did the first day (pork with roasted veggies) and it was delish! :)

  • Anonymous

    I love collective buying!!! Want to get food at the lowest prices? Then the place is called “Printapons” find them online

  • Sielerc

    I like the concept ,but would like to see some recipes that are more family/kid friendly, my children will not eat alot of the daily recipes provided.

  • Jessica L

    This is FANTASTIC! I am a busy mom that works mostly  “in-between” naps! This works great for my schedule and love that it’s delicious/healthy food!

  • Kristen Keller

    LOVE the printable! I made my own for last week and not only does this save me a ton of time, yours is way cuter.  :)  Thanks again, LV, for making my life easier!

  • Joleen Kiniston

    The menus are doable, the program it’s self is slow, personally I would like to see the menu and the shopping list and receipes for each day all in one combination where you can select the receipe you would actually prefer to use.  Also the shopping list not only weekly but for the entire 4 weeks on one page so you can buy products on sale if you so desire and this list would be printable and much easier to carry to and from the grocery stores.  Great idea tho.

  • Megan

    I would love to try these recipes… alas, it’s now November in Minnesota and the daily highs just aren’t high enough to get excited about grilling. Can I bake everything instead?

    • DG

      You can bake everything with great results. Keep warm out there!