13 Signs You’re Too Busy

Too BusyThere's busy.

Then there's too busy.

Busy is running from one appointment to the next. Too busy is running over someone on your way to the next appointment (physically, vehicularly, whatever). Busy is leaving your cell phone behind at the grocery store. Too busy is leaving your kid behind at the grocery store.

And then there's the biggest of all ironies—we want to cut back, but frankly, we just don't have the time to figure out how to do it.

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Sound familiar? Well, we're here to do an intervention—a time intervention. Today, we'll help you figure out if your life is starting to burst at the seams when it comes to your time. If it is, you need a wake-up call to reset priorities, because there is no shakier foundation for healthy, balanced living (and healthy, balanced money management) than not having the space and breathing room that time provides in our lives.

If you've crossed over the line into too busy, you'll need to reset your foundation: Maybe it means taking a day off from work to reassess your life priorities. Maybe it means evaluating what your time is worth and outsourcing chores like housekeeping or laundry. Maybe it means taking a break from social engagements for a little while to focus on building the right foundation.

Here are 13 signs that you might need a time overhaul in your life—and easy tips on how to get started, today.

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  • Great tips as within some cases I feel extrememly pressed for time.  Will definitely be trying out some of these tips today.

  • Anonymous

    Hm, is it a bad sign that 10 out of 13 of these apply to me? :)

  • Ricebirdo2

    I hate how slideshows don’t let you print / list the content easily. NEW FEATURE?! :)

    • Tenley

      Me too! I love printing out my favorite articles to put in my reference binder where I can color, highlight, etc. Please make printable versions of slideshows!

  • Dollface

    Time waster #1: clicking eleventy-seven times through a slide show just to find out how busy you are when it could’ve been all on one or two pages.

  • sara wajerski

    oh i only need 1 sign to know i’m busy.

    1. Do not have time to read an email about how busy I am. 

  • Lnrreece

    I’m over the top busy because the economy is bad, college is overpriced and requires two jobs to pay for same.  I guess I could quit my jobs and my kids could go for free and that would take care of my over the top busy life.  Seriously!!!  if I didn’t have to work 7 days a week–two jobs I would hire a housekeeper, etc……

  • Ora

    Real help, for real people, with real lives.  THANK YOU! 

  • A Concerned relative

    How insensitive…”Too busy is running over someone on your way to the next appointment (physically, vehicularly, whatever). ” My 9 year old neice was just struck and killed at a four way stop on the way to school. To insinuate that the driver just needed ‘more free time’ is outrageous. When someone in your family is ‘run over vehicularly’ and killed I think you will chose your words more carefully.

    • Julie

      I think it was just a silly joke not to be taken literally, I don’t think the writer meant to imply that a driver who runs over someone is justified if he or she is in a hurry. I really am sorry about your loss, and I think I understand how such a comment must make you feel. I may not know you but have suffered some losses recently, one of my youngest cousins having died of cancer last year. My deepest sympathies.