The World’s 8 Most Expensive Pets

Bengal CatMost of us love our pets for the warm-and-fuzzy companionship they offer. After a long day, what could be better than petting your purring cat or getting a kiss from your dog?

Some, however, see pets in a different way: as investments or status symbols. Buyers may shell out for animals with especially good genes for breeding prospects, or rare creatures for bragging rights. These kinds of animals don’t come cheap, though—the priciest pets can fetch prices of up to $1 million or more. (For those looking for ways to save money on your pet, here are 13 ways to take care of your dog for less.)

Your budget will be far better off adopting a pet from the shelter than splurging on one of these animals, but just to see how far some people will go for an animal, we’ve rounded up the world’s most expensive pets. Once you check out this over-the-top list, go and give your furry friend a hug. He may not have cost you millions, but his love and loyalty are priceless.

What do you think: Would you clone your dog? Would you buy a $42,000 cat? Let us know in the comments.

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Image credit: roberto shabs / Flickr

  • had I known
    Sadie Jane et Autres is torti ragdoll
    would have paid most anything
    but got her for 80.00 at county shelter

  • Crazy, there are many wonderful pets waiting to be adopted in the Shelter for under a $100.00. Forget about the status or the label. The pet has no idea how much he/she cost all they want to be is loved!

  • Adelchak

    True, pets are expensive, but if you’re creative, you can figure out ways to cut costs, such as using disposable bed pads for humans as puppy pads. The are exactly the same and cost less. Things like heartworm protection and flea/tick meds can be obtained on the internet cheaper than at the vet’s office. Another expensive pet is the chinchilla. They’re considered exotics and even though most vets know nothing about them, if you have to take them in, you’re charged an “exotic” rate. I had to pay over $600 for one trip to a vet in NYC, and there were many more trips with such high charges. The animal eventually had to be put down, but had they paid more attention to the xray they initially took, he might have been saved.