Are Early ‘Cyber Monday’ Sales Worth It?


Early Cyber Monday SalesAll sales are not created equal: Find out whether early ‘Cyber Monday’ sales are worth the hype in terms of savings with this MainStreet article.

Just because retailers are advertising Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in September doesn’t mean consumers should buy into the pre-holiday hype.

“Recent sales, like Target’s Cyber Monday sale from earlier this week, were no better than their standard weekly sales,” says Dan de Grandpre, CEO of He adds that those Black-Friday-in-July types of sales held this summer by smaller retailers were also “generally awful compared to true Black Friday sales.”

However, as the holidays approach, consumers can be less skeptical of advertisements supporting the “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” moniker, as retailers will try to get the jump on one another by offering more legitimate pre-holiday sales.

De Grandpre also notes that Black Friday sales held in early to mid-November, “as well as Amazon’s ‘Lightning Deals’ that happen all week that time of year,” traditionally have many outstanding markdowns that are comparable to or even better than anything you can find in stores on Black Friday or online on Cyber Monday.

This is not to say, though, that those camping out on Thanksgiving night are braving the long lines and cold weather for naught.

“There’s no question that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two best days to buy an incredibly wide range of products, especially tech items, apparel, and items for the home,” de Grandpre says.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 25 and Cyber Monday will be November 28.

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  • jenise

    I don’t believe in cyber Mondays or what not. It too much of a hassle trying to locate a certain  website that might have that item your looking for that certain person. Then its the wait and see if the item right game began. Not for me. Instead, I save up by join multiple website that is freebies, survey/foscesgroup, etc.

    Survey=  getting free secondary items that is free. But the point system of many survey site is so long; you won’t see it until three month later of what your surveys are worth.

    focus group= small pocket change for little items. buy saving the money in one month, you can see the huge saving it bring.

    freebies website= free sample items that include coupons, samples items, etc. This also include credited website that you can buy the item for free with little to no shipping and handling.

    Dollar store= if you have a large or small family and you have a tight budget, try going to the dollar store. I try to go when there is a huge sale on clothing, ect. Combine that with coupons with the food items, hair care, etc, it will go deep.

    Anyway, with all that considering, I try to spend 250 for all 10 people in my household and buying one item of clothing (under 20) and something under 10 bucks.