7 Personal Finance Summer Reads

Seven Personal Finance Beach ReadsEven if you’re not a student on break from school, summer is a great time to catch up on some reading during a lazy weekend at home, when you’re traveling or under an umbrella at the beach.

Since we’ve already given you the three best investment books to read and eight classic personal finance books for the holidays, we’re doing something different this time.

The seven books in this slide show were all written by women and are based on experiences that actually occurred. Their goal is to inspire women to learn about money and manage it confidently.

While they’re not exactly “chick lit” or “beach reads,” these books are as engaging as they are smart. So grab an iced tea and settle into your lounge chair—these books will provide you with money lessons that will last long after summer ends.

(Planning to buy some of these books? Check out our article about the best way to buy summer reads.)

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