Secondhand Style Day 5: Duds for Downward Dog

Secondhand Style Day 5: Duds for Downward Dog

LearnVest Editorial Assistant Alden sported another cute dress on the fifth day of her challenge to only wear clothing from thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army for a week (as sponsored by environmental news blog Grist). Check out what she wore on days four, three, two and one, and stay tuned to see what she will wear on her last two days of the challenge. Will she be able to wear only secondhand clothing on her trip to Vermont?

Fifth day of Alden's Grist dare

Today I pulled something I already had out of the closet: a Club Monaco dress I got at Housing Works last year. It's a nice dress, though I never gave it much credit because I got it at a thrift store. It's a psychological phenomenon that we value something more if we pay more for it. So I was always a little "meh" about this dress, and I don't wear it often.

After work yesterday, I went to my yoga studio and sported an outfit from Goodwill that served me well: like-new Nike pants and an Adidas fitted top. The pants were a bit large on me, but they got the job done. Besides, I need to set aside my ego for a class and get out of those butt-shaping Lululemon pants. It's about the practice, guys, not the outfit! (wink)

You'll notice that yesterday was also the first day I didn't wear those star stud earrings. I thought they were pretty cute, and was planning on keeping them. That is, until I took them out and realized that I had an infected right earlobe. Just lovely. That's what I get for wearing $1.99 earrings.


Alden's fifth day of Grist dare

I haven't been able to make it to any thrift stores this week, which puts me in a bind. I need flip-flops, tennis shoes and a couple of casual t-shirts for this weekend. I have to figure out when I'll have the time to sneak out of the office and hit up the closest thrift store before I head to Vermont.

Luckily, my host informed me that it will be an extremely casual weekend. When I asked about hiking, she said, "I imagine the 'hiking' will be us walking around in the woods for a bit."

Normally, I would be peeved at this cop-out, but that's just less gear I have to worry about. One of our friends doesn't like horses either, so horseback riding is out. So all I need are t-shirts, shorts and a bathing suit. That is my kind of weekend!

For this next shopping trip, I'm going to stay far away from that pricey (at least according to all of you knowledgeable commenters) curated Goodwill and try a more down-to-earth place nearby. Wish me luck!


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