New Fall Fashion Finds for $50 and Under

Fall Fashion Under $50As these hot summer temperatures begin to drop (we hope), it’s time to start thinking about clothing that isn’t designed solely for surviving this year’s record-breaking heat waves. Say goodbye to those tank tops, and say hello to fall fashions perfect for reveling in the cool autumn breeze we’ve all been waiting for.

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To help ease your transition, we’ve found pieces that are on point with all of the hottest designer trends—and cost $50 or less.




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  • If these are in fashion this year, I guess I’m not really buying anything. They all look so gross! Yuck!

  • Kelser McMiller

    I loved the blazer and the statement jewelry, however 50′s mod clothign does not go well on everyone, especially those well endowed in the chest area. Makes them look pregnant. However its not such a bad list

    • Hi Kelser – I love 60s mod clothing and I’m also kinda busty. The trick is to find empire waists and v-necks to avoid “uni-boob.”

      Happy hunting!

  • These are all great, TIMELESS “trends” that work well for everyone. However, instead of buying at places like Old Navy and H&M, check out your local Goodwill or thrift store. You can easily find either the original vintage versions or recent interpretations.

  • Annmariekrahulec

    Interesting trends.  As for the mustard color, not every woman can wear it.  If it’s not your thing, try using various shades of gold or pop gold the gold necklace with white blouse, black skirt with some mustard or gold tones in it.  As for the pricing, that is interesting because I like the vintage look but check out vintage stores, Goodwill and thrift stores vs. Express and H&M department stores.  We have one here in Omaha called Goodwill Reserve that has high end items for under the prices you have listed.  I would also check with free shipping, you could even score better deals.  Good luck and happy hunting ladies!

  • Arlene Vera

    I’m with you Susan Yuck, did not like them then & still don’t.

  • The blazer is really cute! Now I want to go shopping :)

  • The blazer is really cute! Now I want to go shopping :)