Appreciating Our Power Commenters

Appreciating Our Power Commenters

You’re fun, you’re spunky and you’re intelligent—you’re our LearnVest commenters, and without you, our website wouldn’t have such rich discussions. Whether you’re telling us about music websites you love or the reason why you changed your maiden name (or why you didn’t), your participation gives LearnVest life.

As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to recognize five of our top posters, whom we’ve dubbed “Power Commenters.” These women have posted frequently over several months on a range of different topics, sharing their experiences and participating in the many debates that have developed. They come from all over the U.S., and their career fields range from finance to catering.

Interested in becoming a Power Commenter? All you need to do is sign up for a Disqus account and regularly give voice to your thoughts on our articles. We’d love to hear from you.

You can see our first list of Power Commenters here.


Jenna - Power CommenterJenna lives in Nashville, T.N., and works in corporate finance and accounting. She has a long-time love of numbers and has fun working on her personal budget to get closer to reaching her dreams. She has short-term financial goals of paying down her student loans and taking a trip to Europe and long-term goals of saving for a family, early retirement and (of course) more travel. She also enjoys learning new ways to organize and simplify to give her more time for life’s little pleasures. She has been a follower of LearnVest since January 2011. Her favorite features include their easy-to-understand take on current financial events and suggestions for living a frugal, yet joyful, life.



Nellene - Power CommenterNellene is a 39-year-old (she still has a few weeks until 40, no need to rush it!) newlywed and mother of a teenage son. Professionally, she has owned several successful businesses while balancing family life. LearnVest has been a very practical tool for her during these hard economic times. She values the simplicity of the advice she finds in many of the articles, which help make her financial goals attainable. She is now on a new adventure, trying her hand at blogging with Stylebaggage. It’s a way for her to share her passions with other people such as traveling, cooking, decorating and more.



Katrina - Power CommenterKatrina is a 26-year-old (self-proclaimed) hippie with a frugal, conservative twist. This year, she has gotten in touch with her green side by building her own compost system, rainwater collection barrel and five raised garden beds in her backyard (which are now paying off handsomely!). She keeps busy with multiple jobs in the restaurant and catering field, both cooking, serving and coordinating events. When she's not working, she's rock climbing, doing yoga, singing, playing piano and fiddle, cooking, painting or entertaining friends. (Did someone say over-achiever?) After going through an unfortunate divorce this spring, she was very thankful to discover LearnVest and used their bootcamp program to help whip her personal finances into better shape.  She's extremely happy to say that this year she has finally opened an IRA, invested in a CD, gotten her credit score up over 765 and even saved enough to travel to Israel and participate in a mission trip to Haiti.  Hooray for sound money management!


Milica - Power CommenterMilica lives in Chicago, I.L. with her husband, dog and two cats. A software engineer who also manages her family-owned apartment building, she may in a given day develop and test assembler code, find and fix a leak in a tenant dwelling, design the next stage of her apartment rehab and read several blogs on economics and the sociology of organizations before unwinding with some nine-ball at a local pool hall. She’s looking forward to finally getting through this rocky period of “quarter-life crises” and is excited to see what life has in store for her next.



Nicole - power commenter (color)Nicole Longstreath is a wardrobe consultant, blogger and thrift store-junkie living in Orange County, C.A. She is currently launching, a blog and service dedicated to helping others master their wardrobe. Nicole believes in shopping consciously: conscious of both the impact your purchases have on the world around you and how each garment will fit into your wardrobe.

Last year she hatched an experiment to eschew all forms of traditional retail clothes shopping and instead shopped exclusively at thrift stores. Six months later, she had taken her lackluster wardrobe and transformed it into a curated collection of items she loves—all for about $400!


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