6 Ways to Be Smart About Buying Daily Deals

6 Ways to Be Smart About Buying Daily Deals

Love to shop for deals online? Check out this smart article from Savvy Sugar about the best strategies for buying deals on the web. 

Confession: I love coupon sites like PopSugar CityGroupon and LivingSocial, but sometimes I tend to spend more than I'd like. These deals can be oh-so-tempting and are a great way of exploring the crazy things you've never thought of doing (like skydiving) at a discount. However, it can hurt your pocketbook if you're not careful. Here are six ways to prevent yourself from going too crazy about daily deals:

  • Don't rush: The deal is not going to go away forever if you don't buy it today. More often than not, similar coupons will surface, and sometimes I even see the same deal appearing again. Don't buy on impulse, and wait for the deals that you're looking out for, whether it be teeth whitening or a romantic Italian dinner.
  • Get rid of it: Don't let the coupons linger around for too long or they'll expire. Consider gifting or selling them to a friend. There are also websites like CoupRecoup and Lifesta that are actually great places to hunt for deals.

To read more ways to be smart about buying daily deals, head over to Savvy Sugar


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