Quit Smoking Through Helpful Text Messages

Quit Smoking Through Helpful Text Messages

It doesn’t seem like something as small as a text message could actually help a smoker kick their addictive habit, but a British study suggests that receiving supportive texts actually does help. In fact, it can double a person’s chance of quitting—and staying nicotine-free. Even better, it’s incredibly cost-effective, since texts are so inexpensive.

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Talk Is Cheap

Among the other implications extrapolated from the results, the authors noted the project’s potential for being a low-cost alternative to other common quitting methods. Compare these costs:

  • Nicotine Gum: $55 for gum starter pack, $33 for refills; for 12 weeks, $500 to $625
  • Nicotine Lozenges: $55 for 72 lozenges; for 12 weeks, $750 to $925
  • Nicotine Patch: $250 for a full 3-step program
  • Inhalers: $400 per month
  • Prescription Medications: $120 to $250 per 30-day supply
  • Counseling Services: $80 to $200 per hour

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on these products, smokers could instead sign up for a text message-based plan, which promises to be much less costly; the cheapest plan on the market at the moment offers 200 texts for $5 per month.

More broadly, a text-based quitting system could greatly help smokers in developing countries (where smoking is particularly prevalent) say “C U l8er” to cigarettes for good.

Texting can do more than just help you quit. Here’s how free text messages help with healthy living.


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