Pure Luck or Voodoo? Mom and Daughter Enjoy a Fifth Lotto Win

Pure Luck or Voodoo? Mom and Daughter Enjoy a Fifth Lotto Win

Talk about good genes.

Growing up, Kimberly—now 35—watched her mother, Amy, win four separate lottery jackpots, but she never imagined that the winning streak ran in the family.

“I figured my mom was hogging all the luck,” she said.

This past week, Kimberly proved that she’s got the get-rich-instantly gene too, with her own winning scratch-off ticket that scored her a cool $100,000.

“Overwhelming—but it’s a good kind of overwhelming,” is how she described the experience.

We bet.

This brings the mother and daughter’s total lottery winnings to an incredible $15.8 million. The streak began 20 years ago, when Amy bought a Lotto jackpot ticket worth $15.5 million. The windfall came at the perfect time: Her husband's salary had recently been halved, while Amy was unemployed and caring for Kimberly. The family used the money to pay off their debts, then moved to North Carolina.

Several years later, Amy won again after playing the Carolina Cash 5 lottery game, which added $161,172 to the tally. A year later, she followed that up with two $1,000 wins.

Now Kimberly’s poised to cash in: Her winnings of $68,001 after taxes will enable her to pay off her student loans and have enough left over to treat herself to a Mini Cooper, too.

In this case, then, the saying is true: Like mother, like daughter.

What do you think? Are Kimberly and her mom merely lucky, or does it take more than that to rack up five lotto wins?

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