Octomom Earns $28,000 in New Reality Show

Octomom Earns $28,000 in New Reality Show

If pop culture has taught us anything, it’s that if you want overnight fame and fortune, all you need to do is star in a reality TV show. (Like these pricey women.) Up next to join the ranks of teen moms and real housewives? Mother of 14, Nadya Suleman.

Nadya Suleman became a household name a few years ago after giving birth to octuplets, bringing her total number of children to fourteen and earning her the nickname “Octomom”. Since then, Suleman has been in and out of the news for her numerous financial woes. In a recent interview with InTouch Weekly, she confesses that her bank account is overdrawn, and that she has no money to pay for food, her children’s education, or the mortgage.

Things must be looking up for her though because Suleman reportedly took home $28,000 just last month. Her staggering salary comes from the new celebrity dating show she’s starring in, Celebridate, as well as her appearances on a celebrity boxing match, swimsuit photo shoot and other interviews.

Now that you’ve got all that money, Nadya, we’ve got some advice for you:

1. Open an emergency fund (just in case your TV show gets pulled off the air).

2. Pay off bad debt, like credit card debt or personal loans. Try our Get Out Of Debt Bootcamp.

3. Weigh saving goals, like retirement, buying a home, going back to grad school or even saving for your children’s college education. (Though, with fourteen of them, they’ll probably have to go in state.)

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