New Netflix Plans Outrage Customers

New Netflix Plans Outrage Customers

Your Gone with the Wind rental is about to get pricier.

Avid movie fans are in for a shock this week as Netflix changes its plans, resulting in a hike in prices as great as 60%. The old plan, which allowed users to stream an unlimited number of movies online and rent DVDs for a total of $9.99 every month, will be replaced with two separate packages: online streaming for $7.99 a month and DVD rentals for an additional $7.99 a month.

Mixed Reactions

Netflix’s new plan, which will be effective immediately for new users and begin in September for existing users, has outraged customers who feel that they are being charged twice as much for virtually the same service.

Hollywood studio executives, of course, are pleased because up until now, studios have felt that a relationship with Netflix hasn’t been profitable because of too-low prices. Studios like Sony have prevented Netflix users from viewing their movies online or released new movies at a later date.

altTime to Switch—Or Not?

Users have taken to Netflix’s Facebook page to express discontent over the new pricing plan, and many are threatening to cancel their subscriptions. But for many customers, the change might not be so bad. With the new prices, Netflix will be able to expand their rather weak instant library, offering more movie and TV show options for viewers. (Looking for a complete list of movie rental options. Check out our handy chart here.) Their streaming package is still more affordable than Amazon or Blockbuster, and the DVD plan is the lowest of its kind in Netflix history.

Netflix subscribers, will you be canceling your service? Sound off in the comments below.

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