Letter From Alexa von Tobel, LearnVest CEO

Letter From Alexa von Tobel, LearnVest CEO

When I started LearnVest almost two years ago, I dreamed of creating a smart and accessible one-stop resource for women who want to take control of their finances. We’ve grown faster than I could have imagined—LearnVest is now the leading financial website for women, and I’m proud of all the ways we’ve helped women gain confidence with their money.

But we’re not done yet! While there are plenty of programs and tools designed to help women study for exams, lose weight and find love, there isn’t a single similar program that helps women gain control of their finances. So, everyone at LearnVest has been hard at work for the past few months creating a whole new set of resources and tools that will make managing your finances simpler, easier and—dare I say it—fun.

Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of several new products under the LearnVest Method (check out How LearnVest Works), which describes the core steps every woman should take to achieve her financial goals, no matter her life stage: Get Informed, Get Organized, Get Support.

Check out our new products in each category:

1. Get Informed

Knowledge is power. The first step toward mastering your finances is to get armed with basic knowledge and tips to live a money-smart lifestyle. This step of the LearnVest Method has two main components:

The LearnVest Daily

If you're reading this now, you're probably already subscribed to the LearnVest Daily, which gives you free daily tips on how to think wisely about your money.

New Dailies

We also have some new Daily Emails rolling out in a few months: look out for a LearnVest Moms newsletter geared toward the financial matters of household planners (get on the wait list here), and The Market by LearnVest, an investing and market finance newsletter to take your investing to the next level (get on the wait list here).

LV Bootcamp Programs

Our free bootcamps give you the info and tools you need to fix a specific area of your finances. Our current offerings include Cut Your Costs, Build Your Wealth, Get Out Of Debt and Personal Finance Basics Bootcamp—but today we're proud to launch a new one: Take Control Bootcamp.

Take Control Bootcamp

altThis 10-day bootcamp will arrive in your inbox each day with steps for mapping out the road to full financial confidence. With lots of fun calculators, tools and interactive community resources, the Take Control Bootcamp will transform the way you think about your finances.


2. Get Organized

Once you get started thinking about your money, the next step is getting organized—gathering all the information about your current financial state and getting the big picture.

The LearnVest My Money Center

altThis incredible tool we are launching today allows you to view all of your financial accounts in one place. You can link your checking, savings, investment, loan and credit card accounts through your Financial Inbox and keep an eagle's eye view on your spending!

This is the ultimate in personalization: You can create a custom budget, personalize folders, easily track monthly spending and work toward your savings goals. This service is, and always will be, totally free of charge.

If you've used the LearnVest budgeting tool in the past, the interface has changed, but you can email feedback@learnvest.com with your LearnVest username and we'll send you a PDF of your previous budget. Learn more about the My Money Center.

3. Get Support

After you get the basics down and get organized, you can probably use some individual coaching for questions and support. The LearnVest Advice Center will help you dive deeper:

Ask An Expert

altTalking to a financial expert is a great option for those who have specific questions, want someone to hold them accountable to their financial goals or simply want some personalized support.

LearnVest believes that financial planning should not be a luxury (typical financial planners can cost as much as $250 per hour of counseling), so we're making LearnVest’s Financial Planning Team accessible through The Advice Center.

LearnVest Courses

altFor those who want a more thorough understanding of specific money topics, we have a new multimedia curriculum designed to take you through the steps that would be covered by a personal financial planner.

You can learn the material and ask questions whenever you want, at your own pace. You can try out our LearnVest Course on budgeting for free.


The fees for the LearnVest Advice Center are typically $4.99 for a day, $39.99 for three months or $129.99 for a year, but as a thank you for being a LearnVest member, we'll give you the following promo codes, good until August 15th:

A free day pass: DAYPASS100
50% off our 3-month and 1-year memberships: ADVICECENTER50

LearnVest is here to make financial planning more accessible to millions of Americans. We are so excited to offer these new financial tools to you. Give them a try and tell us what you think!

Toward a richer life,





Alexa von Tobel

Founder and CEO of LearnVest, Inc.

Alexa will be answering all your questions today on Twitter. Give her a shout at @alexavontobel and let her know what you think about all these new tools!



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