How to Break 5 Bad Financial Habits

How to Break 5 Bad Financial Habits

In this post from Savvy Sugar, find out the worst financial habits and how to stop yourself from making them.

Everyone has a bad financial habit. We live in a country that spends billions on advertising to make us want to make purchases. However, if you are looking to make changes and break your bad financial habits, use these tips. Remember: Even though the habits are hard to break and require conscientious effort, there is payoff. Note the emphasis on the word payoff.

Pay Bills When You Receive Them

Think of all the stress and anxiety (not to mention late fees) that you experience when you put off paying your bills. When you receive the email notification or open the bill in the mail, take care of it. It will only take five minutes, and you won't be swamped with bills at the last minute.

Use Cash, Not Your Card

You need to save up for a trip or need to pay off a credit card, but you have a hard time controlling the amount of swipe purchases you are making. Minimize this urge by using your ATM card once a week to withdraw the amount of money you have allotted yourself for the week. Keep your cards at home, and even stow your credit cards in a hard-to-reach place in your closet to keep you from using them.

To find out the other bad financial habits and to read the post in its original form, head over to Savvy Sugar.


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