"Horrible Bosses" Follows the Business Trend

"Horrible Bosses" Follows the Business Trend

Got a horrible boss? Seems like a lot of others do, too.

Horrible Bosses opened this weekend and earned $28.1 million, joining the ranks of other work-related television shows and movies that have enjoyed success in recent years.

Business Is Booming

The increasing number of business stories appearing on TV and the big screen indicates their broad appeal to audiences today. This trend began, perhaps, in 1999 with Mike Judge’s workplace comedy Office Space, and picked up a few years later with Donald Trump’s The Apprentice in 2004 and Greg Daniels’ The Office in 2005 (which has lasted seven seasons and is still going strong).

“There’s been a big focus on the world of business in the past three years,” says Aaron Cohen of Horizon Media, a planning agency. “The subject has become much more of an integral part of people’s lives … there is an acceptance by the American public, and a greater understanding now, of what goes on in corporate offices.”

Recent Success

More recent popular workplace films include Wall Street 2, which totaled $19 million during its first weekend last September, and The Social Network, which racked up $80 million at the U.S. box office in October.

With its high earnings this weekend, Horrible Bosses follows suit. The movie is a workplace comedy along the lines of Office Space, with a slightly darker twist: Three men plot to murder their awful bosses.

Dealing With Real Horrible Bosses

We all understand what it means to have a bad boss; perhaps some of us are struggling to deal with one now. A movie like Horrible Bosses entertains us because we are able to relate to the situations presented in the storyline and laugh at their absurdity.

Horrible Bosses is fun to watch, but if you actually have a tyrannical manager, we have some tips for you about “managing up.” You can read them here.

And if you really want to impress your boss, learn how to communicate effectively.


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