For These Celebrity Brides, Price Is No Object

For These Celebrity Brides, Price Is No Object

Summer is the season for love, and wedding bells are ringing in Hollywood. Celebrities are known for pulling out all the stops and throwing lavish weddings that rival the royals (read about the nuptials of Prince Albert here). Just last week, singer Monica walked down the aisle in a $1 million Stephane Rolland dress to wed LA Laker Shannon Brown. But she’s not the only one breaking the bank for a dream wedding. Supermodel Kate Moss and Ugly Betty actress America Ferrera also recently said “I do” in extravagant ceremonies.

A Day (and a Price Tag) to Remember

Monica accessorized her million-dollar dress with Joel Rosenberg jewels worth another million dollars. After the wedding, the newlyweds flew in Ludacris’s private jet to the Caribbean for their honeymoon. Kate Moss’s wedding, which included a Cristal champagne fountain, Venetian masked ball and a five-tier cake, reportedly cost more than a million British pounds. America Ferrera, whose four-carat engagement ring is worth $70,000, got married in a star-studded ceremony attended by celebrities such as Blake Lively and Rebecca Romijn.

At the very least, we’re glad that it wasn’t all about spending: Monica plans to auction off her reception dress and donate the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Not Over Yet

Needless to say, wedding season is far from over. With Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson still poised to tie the knot, there are yet more luxurious celeb weddings on the horizon. Kardashian’s ring alone cost $2 million, and there are rumors that the wedding could cash in at $20 million.

Meanwhile, most “regular” traditional weddings cost about $30,000. Here’s why.

Read here for tips on how to dance through wedding season on a budget.

How much could you see yourself (or someone you know) spending on a wedding? Answer in the comments.

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