8 Healthy(ish) Fast Food Meals for $5 or Less

McDonald's wrapsYou know you shouldn’t eat fast food—it’s low in nutrition and high in fat, sodium and calories. But when you’re in a rush (or when you’re waiting for your plane at the airport), fast food is often the easiest and cheapest option.

In recent years, many fast food chains have begun to offer more healthy options, but it’s still tough to tell what’s loaded with hidden calories. An innocent-seeming salad may in fact pack a wallop with creamy dressing or add-ons like bacon bits and croutons.

To help you make your next fast food decision, we did some research and came up with eight meals offered at major fast food chains that, while still not completely good for you, are better than other choices offered.

Want to know how much eating fast food costs your wallet and your waist? Check out this article.

Interested in food that is budget-friendly but also healthy? Check out these snacks or these pantry staples.

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  • Coincidentally, I just read an article about how McDonald’s is finally making their happy meals “healthier.” (http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2011/07/26/138702964/bowing-to-pressure-mcdonalds-makes-happy-meals-more-healthful)  Of course, this doesn’t mean they’re healthy, by any stretch of the word, but at least they’re not downright terrible. I know sometimes fast-food seems like the only option, because it is quick and so much cheaper; but if you can take just a liiiitttle bit more time to prepare your own meal, or snack, it doesn’t have to cost anymore than a big mac! Seriously! I work for Mango Money’s blog and we have a post about healthy foods that will cost you just as much as one of those fast-food meals. My advice? Take a moment in the morning to pack your lunch– or even better, prepare on Sunday and you’ll have food for the week! http://www.mangomoney.com/blog/how-to/healthy-waist-healthy-wallet-12-good-for-you-meals-under-5

  • Alxgirl82

    these are horrible suggestions for healthy(ish) meals as most of them consist of fried food.

  • cfurtado

    You’re kidding me with that article, right? Those choices are awful and even if you justify your way through the shady nutritional facts, let’s talk abou thow those companies impact local economies, the environment and their hourly employees.