Secondhand Style Day 3: I Melted a Shirt

Secondhand Style Day 3: I Melted a Shirt

Alden Wicker, an editorial assistant at LearnVest, took a challenge to only wear only clothing from thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army for a week. She then wrote about her experience in a series sponsored by environmental news blog Grist. Today she seemed to have some trouble involving a shirt and an iron ...

See how she did on her first and second days, and check back for another used clothing ensemble tomorrow.

Third day of Alden's Grist dare

Everyone seemed to love yesterday's outfit, especially when I lost the shirt and just wore the dress. I thought the dress looked frumpy without it, but I got a lot of compliments ("That sweetheart neckline looks so good on you!"), even from coworkers who have no idea about the dare (thanks, marketing team!). So maybe it's a keeper. It's comfy, anyway.

This morning I was feeling really positive about my outfit. But when I was ironing the Mossimo blouse, I pulled the iron away and discovered that I had melted it.

Seriously? I haven't done that since high school, probably because I don't buy rayon/nylon shirts anymore. Granted, I should have checked the label, but that just didn't occur to me. I spent a long time staring at the offending spot, trying to figure out how bad it looked. I finally gave up on that shirt and the whole outfit. I didn't have anything else to wear with the skirt, unfortunately.

So I wriggled into a sundress and realized that it's a wee bit small on me. So small I can't wear a bra, because then I get double-boob fat on the sides. I can just hear my mom clucking. But my wardrobe schedule is so tight this week, I'm going to wear it anyway. I guess when I was in Goodwill, I was just so excited about finding a pretty dress, I didn't look that hard at it. If I had been in the store, I would have put it back and gone a size up. Or looked at the size in the first place and realized it's a size 2. (I'm a size 4.)

Third day of Alden's Grist dare - ruined shirt

That reminds me: I'm not proud of how much I spent at Goodwill. When I was there, I overheard someone inquire about half-off prices, to which the clerk said that it didn't apply that day. It seemed funny to me that Goodwill would have a sale. But after I brought my pile of clothing up to the counter and it totaled $250, I was really wishing I had come on a sale day! For $250, I got eight work outfits and two yoga outfits. That's great. But it was still a shock.

So I should point out that this is a thought experiment and doesn't reflect the way I normally shop. Buying seven different full outfits plus accessories is always going to be expensive, so I'm just trying to put this in perspective. This is worth it, if I can prove to myself that Goodwill can be my first stop come fall fashion time.

What do you think? Did I go overboard?


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