7 Money Links We Love (7/15/11)

7 Money Links We Love (7/15/11)

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite money-related articles. We read everything so you don’t have to!

1. Even a first date can reveal a guy’s spending habits. Look out for these warnings signs. (Savvy Sugar)

2. The final Harry Potter movie hits theaters today! What personal finance lessons has the multi-billion dollar franchise taught us over the years? (Wisebread)

3. Longer hours at work mean more productivity, right? Maybe not. (Wall Street Journal)

4. A computer printer is handy but costly to maintain. Find out how to survive without one. (New York Times)

5. How one tweet could fund your MBA to the tune of $37,000. (Yahoo)

6. Ready to toss on your favorite jersey, buy some peanuts and head out to the game? These 5 ballparks could leave a dent in your budget. (MSN Money)

7. We’ve heard how important sleep is. But could missing our Z’s cost us cash? (Personal Finance Advice)


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