$1 Million Ticket With Winning Lottery Numbers Is Unclaimed

$1 Million Ticket With Winning Lottery Numbers Is Unclaimed

The odds that you’ll win $1 million dollars with a Powerball lottery ticket are less than one in 5.1 million.

But for someone out there, it happened—they just may not know about it.

Mystery Winner

On Easter Sunday, a Powerball ticket was purchased at the Crown Express Mart in Raleigh, N.C. Three days later, the ticket was declared the winner of the $1 million prize.

It’s been 11 weeks now, and no one has stepped forward to claim his or her winnings yet.

Forgotten or Lost?

The neighborhood in which the ticket was bought had been ravaged by a tornado just a week before. It’s possible that the mystery winner could have been too busy dealing with the weather to check and see whether he or she had won.

It’s actually very common for tickets to go unclaimed. Last month in Morehead City, N.C., no one stepped forward as the owner of a ticket that won $250,000.

Part of the reason why ticket numbers get forgotten could be attributed to the “quick pick” system. Lottery players have the option to either pick their own numbers or let the machine choose a series of “quick pick numbers” for them. The “quick pick” people often accidentally throw away the transcript of the ticket number in the trash.

There’s Still Time

Whoever won the million-dollar ticket has until October 27 to claim the prize—180 days after the ticket was purchased. This deadline is carefully honored because people sometimes wait until the day before the deadline, or even until the final day, to come forward and claim their prize.

So, even though it’s highly unlikely you’ll win, make sure to always check your numbers. You may find that you were one of the lucky few—one in 5.1 million, in fact.

What would you do if you won $1 million from the lottery? Tell us in the comments!

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