Your June 2011 Financial To-Dos

Your June 2011 Financial To-Dos

Every month, we bring you the top to-dos to get your financial life in order. As spring fades into full-on summer, it’s time to make sure your money is working for you while you go out to play.

Here’s what’s on the docket:

Reassess Your Budget. Deadline: Wednesday, June 1

Go to the LV Budgeting Tool to make sure you’re sticking to your current budget, or to create a new one if your lifestyle has changed. Try it out.

Update Your Insurance. Deadline: Monday, June 6

If you’ve moved in the last year, contact your insurance providers to verify that they have the correct address on file. If you’ve bought a new computer or other valuable item, add it to your renter’s or homeowner’s coverage. Learn how to do this.

Make a Summer Entertainment Game Plan. Deadline: Friday, June 10

Do you want to have friends over for a long summer weekend? Host a Labor Day barbecue? Now's the time to reserve your loved ones before they make other plans—and it's also the time to give yourself an entertainment budget, think about buying food and supplies in advance (and maybe even in bulk), and brush off your BBQ skills.

Sketch Out Your Long-Term Career Goals. Deadline: Monday, June 20

The slow, languorous summertime is a good time to do some serious thinking about your career. If you've thought about changing jobs, spend this time figuring out what your ideal gig would be, shape up your resume, and prep yourself for applying in the fall (which tends to be a busier time for hiring). If you love your current job, think about where you want your career to go within the company and start giving it your all now so that you'll have a solid track record by the the time you hit your end-of-year review. If you've always dreamed of starting a side business, finally put pen to paper and think out how you'd do it.

Plan a Vacation. Deadline: Tuesday, June 28

Leftover vacation days mean you didn’t spend enough time focused on you. Take stock of how many vacation days you have left and plan a trip to use them up. If nothing else, now is a great time to start planning fall travel—so you can score the best fares and have time to save.  Try these vacation spots that are close to home.


What to Buy in June

Living frugally isn’t about never buying anything; it’s about choosing smartly. June is a great month to buy:

alt A gym membership: the weather is warm and no one is actively thinking about fitness resolutions—so it may be cheaper now
alt Cookware: there are lots of great sales for wedding season
alt Traditionally “manly” things like tools and suits: Father’s Day sales mean low prices


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