When to Spend Money—And When to Wait

When to Spend Money—And When to Wait

 Making a calculated effort to cut your expenses isn't easy. While there are things you can do to ease the pain of cutting back, tracking spending requires daily budgeting and discipline. Clearly, some days are better than others. Most of you agree that weekends are the hardest time to keep your wallet in your purse, but there are some simple ways you can bank on time-of-day discounts throughout the week. How can you save by spending on the right days?

Remember: Payday Determines What's Offered to You at the Grocery Store

Some things work in mysterious ways, but grocery store promotions are pretty straightforward in their scheduling tactics. Everyone knows most people are paid at the beginning or end of each month, and grocery marketing teams smartly push particular deals at these times. It's called the paycheck cycle, and it assumes that people have more disposable income to spend at the start of the month than they do toward the end — otherwise known as living paycheck to paycheck.

More expensive items are promoted around the 1st, while stores push cheaper products toward the 30th to keep items moving off shelves and boost store sales. As a consumer, it's important to look beyond promotions to determine what items offer true value, no matter what time of the month.

Designate a Day for Buying Lunch

Munching a lunch you brought from home is one of the best ways to keep food costs down. Packing a variety of lunch foods will keep you from abandoning your brown-bag system out of boredom. But if bringing a lunch to work is already getting old, give yourself a break and designate one day a week for buying lunch.

You should only consider adopting this system if you can afford to buy lunch once a week. If so, make it a day like Wednesday when work seems to pass like molasses. My trick? I keep soup in my drawer so that I have an option if I'm not in the mood to splurge on my assigned day. That way, my lunch-out day isn't wasted.

For more great tips on which days are best for spending, read more over at Savvy Sugar.


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