What's Dad Worth This Father's Day?

What's Dad Worth This Father's Day?

Dear ol’ Dad … From homework help to teaching you how to drive, Dad has been with you every step of the way—you just can’t put a price on that sort of commitment.

… Or can you?

In honor of Father’s Day, Insure.com has come out with “The Father’s Day Index,” which calculates how much Dad is worth to you this year. They looked at “Dad activities” like barbecuing, moving furniture, and coaching a team, and then calculated how much those tasks would cost if done by a professional.

Dad’s total worth? $20,415. (In contrast, the Mother’s Day Index evaluated Mom’s worth at $61,436.)

On behalf of our dads, we’ll paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield (a Dad fave) and say, “Dads don’t get no respect!” But why does Insure.com think dads are worth so much less than moms?

Well, for starters, Insure.com is working with some pretty outdated ideas about the division of labor in the average American household. Plenty of moms nowadays like to barbecue—even though it's listed as a “Dad activity”—and more and more dads are staying home to raise the kids—a “Mom activity,” according to the website. (By the way, if you want to host a stereotype-breaking BBQ, here's how.)

But beyond that, we just think the Index misses the point of Father’s Day. It’s not about calculating Dad’s value down to the dollar—it’s about realizing how invaluable Dad has been. And when we think of all the life lessons our fathers have taught us (not to mention the great money advice he’s given), we at LearnVest believe that dads are worth a whole lot more than $20,415.

So, thanks, Dad! We appreciate you.

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