The Working Girl's Guide to Celebrating Summer

The Working Girl's Guide to Celebrating Summer

Students and the unemployed may covet the nine to fiver's paycheck, but any working adult will tell you she misses having a real summer break. There's nothing like the relaxed recess between semesters, even if you have to intern or clock in somewhere. Three whole months of glorious time (or at least weekends) are free to spend at the beach, movies, on vacation with the family or escaping the tough stuff.

If you're sitting at a desk right now and you've found yourself a little bit jealous of the teenagers and college students soaking up the season between classes, be envious no more. Here's a guide to bringing a little summer lovin' and fun back into your life--despite the daily grind.

Spend Saturday at the Beach, Lake or Park

You may be stuck in a cube all week, but celebrate the warm weather in nature on the weekend. It's no surprise that studies show people are happier on the weekend. Get outside and smile in the sun--with SPF, of course.

Enjoy a Summery Cocktail at Happy Hour (and Schmooze, Too)

Studies show drinking (or happy hour attendance) can boost your social capital and help you build work relationships. Celebrate your co-workers and work on your contacts over a seasonal cocktail. I can't promise it will feel like that summer before graduation, but at least you have cuter shoes. YumSugar has some delicious summery suggestions.

For more tips on how to get the most out of summer, continue reading at Savvy Sugar.


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