The 11 Most Expensive Dog Breeds


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    • AddisonDewitt

      People have become extremely greedy as well. Yes it costs breeders to dock tails and give puppy shots, time spent and food costs etc. I had a reputable breeder offer me a 6 month old Springer Spaniel for….get ready….$1500.00 REALLY ? Sorry that is not a reasonable amount for a dog which A) I only want as a companion dog and 2) am not going to breed to recoup any of that expense. 3) I don’t show dogs. I saw a Maltese listed for $1900.00 REALLY ? ! And many idiots will pay these ridiculous prices that’s why these greedy breeders get away with this crap. I would be willing to $500 for nice bred dog but and that is what most well bred dogs of most breeds sold for a decade ago….greed has taken over every aspect American culture unfortunately. They can keep their $1500-$2000 dogs..I’ll do without or get a puppy at the shelter. Screw them, especially in this economy.