Is Google's New Social Network Worth Joining?

Is Google's New Social Network Worth Joining?

We all like to feel connected, and social networking websites give us the ability to reach out to our friends and family across the globe with newsfeeds, photo sharing and chat features. But with the launch of Google’s new Google+ project, we can’t help wondering: Is it possible to be plugged into too many social networks?

Circles of Trust

Joining the ranks of other social networking services like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Google+ hopes to bring the “nuance and richness of real-life” online. One of the unique aspects of Google+ is the ability to separate friends into different “circles,” then selectively choose what information is shared with them—like we do in our day-to-day lives.

Is It Worth It?

The question, though, is whether we should sign up for yet another social networking website. After all, we’ve already got our Facebook accounts and Twitter handles—do we really need another service cluttering our inboxes with notifications?

Streamlined Social Networking

The one possible advantage Google+ offers over other services is its promise of being an all-in-one package. Right now, many of us shuttle between different websites and programs to accomplish different tasks—Facebook to post on a friend’s Wall, Twitter to post a link, email to write a personal message. Remembering all the different passwords can really be a hassle!

With Google+, however, everything is collected in a handy toolbar at the top of the page. If you’re using Google products already, like Gmail or Picasa, you’ll have your email inbox, calendar, documents and photos all there, just a click away.

The convenience that Google+ promises definitely has us interested; we’re always in favor of having a more organized life! The product is still in testing mode, but if Google+ does come through on its promise, we may say farewell to Facebook friend lists and set our sights on Google+ circles.

Socialize Smart

No matter what social networking website you’re using, remember to keep it classy! Click here to learn how to maintain your professional image online.

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