Honeymoon Alternatives for Post-Wedding Relaxation

Honeymoon Alternatives for Post-Wedding Relaxation

Check out these awesome ideas from Savvy Sugar if you're looking for a different way to unwind post-wedding stress.

Now that the wedding planning madness is over (aren't you glad to be done with that?), it's time to sit back and relax with your beloved. If your wallet has suffered from paying for the big event, you need to cut down on your honeymoon costs. Read on to find out four great suggestions from Dana LaRue, The Broke-Ass Bride blogger!

Go Off the Beaten Path

"Rather than booking a regular hotel room, find an unique and interesting alternative through sites like airbnb.com for great deals on everything from tree houses to castles."

Stay in exciting lodgings like an ancient British castle for a nightly rate of $131, a mushroom dome cabin for $90 a night, or on a boat that will take you away from reality. I found some pretty good deals where I live, such as a $95 per night tree house overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Pick an exotic airbnb locale that's close to home to save money on transportation costs.

You need to spend some time searching, and even if nothing pops up immediately, new rooms are being rented out all the time. Be patient and keep a vigilant eye out for unique accommodations!


"Lock yourselves in for a few days to a week and relish in the "not doing" of post-wedding relief. Spend a whole day in bed. Alternate cooking in with your new kitchen gadgets, with dining out at your favorite fancy restaurants and dives. Wake up for nooky at 4 a.m. and take naps whenever you feel like it. Spend a day at a hotel pool and pretend to be anywhere else but home."

Remember, going on a staycation doesn't mean that you'll have to stay at home all day. Pretend you're are visiting and explore your own town through a tourist's eyes. Try activities such as exploring museums, trying new cuisines, or creating your own walking tour!

For more honeymoon alternatives, continue reading at Savvy Sugar.


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