Fuel Prices Super High This July 4th Weekend

Fuel Prices Super High This July 4th Weekend

Taking a road trip during the upcoming 4th of July weekend?

If you are, you’re one of the 32.8 million Americans who will drive 50 miles or more away from home between Friday and Monday. That may seem like a crowd, but it's actually a million fewer than last year.

Why so many stay-cations? It's because of high gas prices, which are a full dollar higher than last year at $3.74 a gallon. Current prices are somewhat lower than the last month, when they inched up to nearly $4—but it still makes for a pricey pit stop. (The interactive map below from AAA shows average fuel prices in each state.)

Map of fuel prices

Is There Anything You Can Do?

Perhaps in response to the stress gas prices are inflicting on drivers, the Obama administration is thinking of requiring all cars and light trucks to get up to 56.2 miles per gallon by 2025. This would improve fuel efficiency and cut bills in half!

At the moment, only a few vehicles qualify for this standard, so for now we’ll have to do our best to conserve gas and minimize mileage. Check out our tips on saving gas, time and money, which also includes a handy tool for calculating how much you pay for each mile you drive.


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