Don’t Be Fooled By These Devious Infomercial Scams

Infomercial ScamsAre you overweight? Is your house cluttered? Does preparing dinner take up all of your time?

Infomercials have an uncanny ability to pinpoint the nuisances in our daily lives. And at 2am, when there’s nothing better on TV and your defenses are low, their magical elixirs sound convincing.

Are they too good to be true though? Before you pick up the phone, ready to shell out hundreds of dollars to grow back your hair or vacuum-seal food, think again.

Click through our slide show to check out some of the most infamous infomercial scams.

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Make sure you avoid these cheap tricks. Find out what you need to know about real estate scams and credit card scams.

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  • Anybody who buys any of this kind of crap deserves what they get.  You can’t get something for nothing.  You gotta do the hard work!