How to Get Taylor Swift’s Country Princess Style

Taylor Swift has certainly been on a tear buying real estate lately: a couple of weeks after Us Weekly reported that she’d bought her parents a $1.4 million house in Nashville, we’ve heard reports that she’s bought a $3+ million house for herself in Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills, that is; specifically, the 90210 zip code. The three-bedroom house was bought in the name of a trust, but bloggers are speculating that it’s really for Taylor because the trust has ties to her business manager. Although 90210 is known for being snooty, Taylor’s pick actually seems pretty sensible, all things considered. One of her friends even gave a practical rationale for the purchase, telling Us that she was paying a “fortune” in hotels because she came to L.A. so much.

Now that we know where Taylor Swift comes out on rent vs. buy debate, let’s take a look at what makes Taylor Swift style; click on the pictures below to see the country princess look:

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