Secret Millionaire Diary: Day 6—In Your Own Backyard

Secret Millionaire Diary: Day 6—In Your Own Backyard

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I didn’t volunteer today or even go into town, and somehow I still managed to notice something today that I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about if this Secret Millionaire project hadn’t been on my mind.

I live in a house just outside of an area where our local housing projects are located. The entire community near us is the elderly who are raising grandchildren. To many people’s disbelief, it really is a great neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

In the past week, it has really started to heat up here in Georgia, and with the hot weather comes the chimes of ice cream trucks visiting the community housing on the street behind us. While I was outside with the dog, I stopped to watch as all the happy children ran to the side of the truck with their hand full of quarters.

Then I noticed one little girl beating on her grandma’s door begging for ice cream money, only to be sent away empty handed. I quickly ran inside and rummaged for some cash, but by the time I returned the little girl had went back inside.

I have met the girl’s grandmother before, and I know she is on a fixed income and in all seriousness; she probably really didn’t have the extra change to spare. I wish I could have made it to the girl in time, and bought her all the ice cream her little heart desired, but I just wasn’t quick enough.

With all the problems in the world, and even just those in our little community, I know that a child without ice cream money is a minor issue, but for some reason that incident left me thinking about all of the children who are born in to poverty, and who will most likely continue to live out these sort of issues in more escalated situations.

Will that little girl, who watched her friends eat ice cream on a hot summer day, be the same child that can’t afford to attend school field trips? Will she be the teenager that doesn’t attend prom because her family can’t afford a gown?  Will she truly be given the same opportunities as children who are being raised in a traditional family home, with a middle class income?

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