Is AT&T Overcharging You? 4 Tips to Reduce Data Usage

Is AT&T Overcharging You? 4 Tips to Reduce Data Usage

Be alert consumers! A class action lawsuit has revealed that millions of customers may have been overcharged by AT&T, reports MSNBC. The lawyers handling the case hired a computer firm for $80,000 to test the gadgets against different carriers and found that AT&T "systematically overstated the amount of data used on virtually every transaction."

In fact, the company is being accused of routinely overcharging about seven to 14 percent on iPhones and iPads for data usage. However, there are cases in which the firm has overcharged up to 300 percent. This means about $10 to $15 extra a month.

Further, you might also be susceptible to "phantom" charges—engineers bought a new iPhone and disabled software and functions that would trigger data charges, and received a bill that charged them for 35 "phantom" transactions. AT&T customers, here are some tips to save on data usage and your money:

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