5 Tricky Tipping Rules for Abroad

5 Tricky Tipping Rules for Abroad

Even for the seasoned traveler, the topic of tipping is perpetually tricky, even close to home! Regardless of the eventual destination, always do your homework before leaving (especially on international trips) and keep easily accessible small bills, just in case.

Here's several tips for avoiding the pitfalls of etiquette and an empty wallet while abroad:

  • Know the exchange rate—Whether you get money prior to departure, at the airport, or right when you arrive to town, familiarize yourself with the rate when facing foreign bills. It 's confusing to remember how many pounds or rupiah equal $1 when fumbling with money to treat someone for their services. When at the bank, ask for small change, too, so you're at the ready when you reach the tipping point.
  • Know the value of a dollar—Another tricky situation is when that bill you're offering up goes a long way . . .  like a day's wages. In addition to recognizing the value of the peso or baht as compared with the US dollar, brush up on how generous and appropriate it is.

Learn three more tips that are useful even stateside when you read more.


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