5 Tips to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

5 Tips to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

It’s that time of year. Your social calendar is filling up with wedding events from May through October.

Now you’re faced with the challenge of giving wedding gifts to a dozen would-be brides and grooms without breaking the bank. Need some fresh ideas? Follow these tips for frugal—but not cheap—wedding gift giving.

1. Give an event, not stuff.

Your just-married friend will have plenty of gifts from her registry to unwrap. Why not give her something that will encourage her to spend time with her new spouse? Scour local daily deal sites for some great discounts at a restaurant; get her and her spouse tickets to a sporting event or a play; buy them a discounted wine-tasting for two. Package your gift as a date night on you and let her create a memory with her husband instead of unwrapping another toaster.

2. Get creative.

Give her something sentimental, like a jar filled with marriage advice culled from other married couples. Buy and decorate a jar (which can cost as little or as much as you want) and solicit advice from friends. Write the bits of advice and quotes about love and marriage on little slips of paper, one for each day of the year, and fill the jar. Your friend will appreciate the thought and time you put into the gift, and it makes for a very unique conversation piece on a coffee table.

3. Team up with friends.

Talk with some friends about sharing the gift. Pooling your money allows you to get a more expensive present, like an outdoor grill. Sharing the cost will significantly reduce the strain on your wallet, plus the nice gift will stand out from the crowd.

4. Give her time to relax.

Whether it’s the week of her wedding or weeks after when she’s feeling the strain of paying off wedding debt, offer to share a day of pampering, but without the pricey spa expense. Have her come over and set up some at-home spa treatments. Light some candles, turn on some soothing music and just spend some time together as friends. Let her do the talking, or just relax in silence. She’ll appreciate the break and the time spent more than a set of pillowcases.

5. Lend her a hand.

If you’re in financial straits and can’t afford to buy a gift, why not offer to help your friend out? If she’s still in the wedding-planning stage, offer to drive her to some of her appointments, help her print invitations, or assist in shopping for decorations. If her wedding’s just around the corner, give her some help with the set up or cleaning responsibilities for the ceremony or reception. Just remember not to give unsolicited advice or recommendations; you’re there to help, not pressure her.

Remember, your gal pals tying the knot this summer appreciate you, no matter what you spend on gifts. So don’t break the bank or get yourself into credit card debt just to impress with a wedding gift. Try one of these suggestions for some frugal yet meaningful gift ideas.

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