The Power of Knowing Where You Stand

The Power of Knowing Where You Stand

altReports over the last month have highlighted Americans’ increasing optimism about our economy.  But what does that mean for how people view their own personal financial situations?  According to the Chase Blueprint Behavioral Panel Survey, this rising optimism is linked to Americans feeling more in control of their finances.

The study – which polled the same 800 Americans in November and January to observe attitudes and behavior around holiday shopping – suggests that nearly 70% of Americans who are optimistic about their personal finances believe they are in control of their finances.

While this is generally good news, the research also showed that as optimism has risen, so has spending.  Overall, Americans spent approximately 20% more on holiday shopping than they thought they would.

So how do we ensure Americans attain real control?  Financial management features like Chase Blueprint can be helpful in giving people a “reality check” on their personal finances.

With Blueprint, customers get a snapshot of all of their Chase card purchases and can track their spending online by category whenever they want. In addition, spending trends are available online daily allowing customers to track their progress toward achieving goals in real time.

You can learn more about how you can take control of your finances and feel better about where you stand here.


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