Leading the Pack: Women Improving Financial Behavior in 2011

Leading the Pack: Women Improving Financial Behavior in 2011

altWhile it’s become increasingly clear in recent times that women are playing a central role in managing personal and household finances, a new study released by Chase Blueprint reveals that women are also leading the way in 2011 in improving their financial behavior.

According to the Chase Blueprint Behavioral Panel Survey, in the new year, women are more optimistic and feel more in control of their finances starting than men. The study, which evaluated consumer sentiment and spending behavior before and after the holiday season, found that, as of January:

  • 31% of women believe their finances are improving, up 9 points from November, while men experienced only a 1% rise to 32%.
  • The percentage of women who feel in control of their finances rose to 49% from 47%. Meanwhile, men who feel in control dropped from 51% to 48%.

In addition, the research revealed that women exhibited better financial behavior during the holiday season. Women set lower spending targets and actually spent less than men, and, perhaps as a result, reported in greater numbers of feeling more “in control” of finances.

Fortunately, there are resources available to help all Americans take control. With Chase Blueprint, men and women alike can create custom plans to help them save money and manage their spending and borrowing. For example, Blueprint allows customers to create a simple plan to avoid interest and pay down card balances sooner – tracking progress toward achieving their goals.


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