Cash in on Your Closet and Win $750 From Refinery29 and LearnVest

Cash in on Your Closet and Win $750 From Refinery29 and LearnVest

While we may be slowly rising out of the recession (thank heaven!), we don't know anyone who couldn't use a little extra money in her bank account.

It's time to make bank by using the divine skill that can't be taught—your personal style. Learnvest is thrilled to partner with Refinery29, a uber-fashionable website that keeps us abreast of all the latest trends.

We are offering one Refinery29 or Learnvest reader a chance to win $750. Whether you are an avid vintage collector, an online-auction addict or have hoarded a collection of clothing that's just too awesome to throw away, there are ways to start a small business today that can boost your income. Websites like eBay and Etsy make it super simple to create an online store where you can sell clothing, shoes and accessories. Both are simple to set up, inexpensive to use and make it accessible to customize your personal page so that you can control the appearance, market your store and set yourself apart.

Check out Refinery 29's seven best tips to build your own business and start thinking about how your closet can start earning you big bucks. READ ON.


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