Your Top 15 Money Pet Peeves

Your Top 15 Money Pet Peeves

Money. You can't live without it, and, can't live without it.

Money is a strange topic -- it can be emotional and galvanizing to discuss. And we always love hearing from you about your thoughts on money, big and small. In our reader survey, we found out that you spent $4,000 to save your pet, signed up for a credit card to get a free sandwich, and quipped, “Money talks; mine says goodbye.”

So we’ve asked you to share with us once again: What’s your biggest money pet peeve? Your answers on Facebook and Twitter were funny, genuine, and as always, really resonated with us.

From tacky behavior (she said what?), to disingenuous banks (let's play find-the-fee), to dinner etiquette ("nothing like calling in the United Nations to settle a restaurant tab"), we found that when it comes to money, our readers have a lot in common.

Read on for your best pet peeves.

Splitting The Bill

15. Although I don't like eating dinner with "accountants" who only want to pay their share to the penny, the worst is dining out with those who down specialty cocktails all night while you're sipping your Pinot -- come on, throw in a few extra bucks or pick up the tip, for crying out loud! -Ashlee G.

14. Dining out with itemizers. "Well, I only had water to drink, but you had iced tea, so I should pay $2 less." Nothing like calling in the United Nations to settle a restaurant tab. -Kristie O.

Your Money Leaves Way Too FastWhere'd It Go?


13. My money pet peeve is that it never stays in my wallet long enough! -Twitter follower @collectivestash

12. Not having credit to get ANYTHING. Not that I want a card to go and screw myself in the long run, but I can't purchase anything because I have no credit. Students loans don't help it, but they can hurt it. How on Earth is that fair? If something can bring my "score" down, it sure as heck oughta bring it up. -Amanda A.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

11. LA sales tax... 9.75%?! You have GOT to be kidding me! It annoys me so much that I'll specifically hold off on shopping if I know I'm going to visit my sister in Fullerton just so I can pay the OC sales tax of 8.75% instead. -Jamila V.

10. The complex yet mandatory tax system. People of varying intelligence levels are treated as equally competent. The smart ones seem to find loopholes while the simple ones are overtaxed. -Anne C.

LV Readers Don't Like To Be GamedCorporate Games

9. A.T.M. fees for sure. That, and banks that sock on an additional charge on top of a fee. Also, when employees put out handmade "tip jars." It looks tacky. I'm not going to tip you for selling me a $5 latte. -Katie W.

8. Coupons and sales... it's such a game! Take Kohls, for example, which has a spend-$50-and-get-$10-back "deal." But it's such a hassle if you have to return anything because you have to get store credit if you want a full refund. Then your money gets tied up in gift cards! Not cool. -Olivia J.


7. Hidden fees in agreements like gym contracts or other ongoing-service arrangements.  -Twitter follower @kclmoneycoach

6. So, how 'bout those ridiculous fees banks charge? The fees are way out of proportion compared to the cost to a bank. And - even though there is a new law - I haven't seen much change in the percentage charged by credit card companies on unpaid balances. -Leesa J.

LV Readers Don't Want To Hear It

I Don't Want To Hear It

5. I love to splurge on myself and feel I have the right to do so every once in a while since I work hard for my money, but when someone making more money than me and has less than me invested or saved tells me I should budget better makes me want to scream since I obviously budget better than them, and is the reason I can afford to splurge while they can't! -Kayla W.

4. When people talk about money problems. “Oh, I'm in debt over this, that, or the other thing…” I just think to myself, Why didn't you live within your means, or get another job? Drives me nuts! -Naomi B.

Bragging About Money

3. When people brag about how much they have! I make good money but I don't go around telling everyone how much I make. -Amy L.

2. I have a few girlfriends who make significantly more money than I do. It frustrates me when they complain that, oh, their balances dipped under some hugely outrageous number. They sometimes actually brag about how much money they make and talk as if it's going to end their world if they have any less than a certain amounts…it's just kind of unnecessary and frustrating. -Hannah P.

LV Readers Don't Like Users


1. My pet peeve is those women who target men to glom onto their bank accounts. I dislike "users." -Elizabeth M.



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