Rewarding Behavior: Good News about Good Budgeting Habits

Rewarding Behavior: Good News about Good Budgeting Habits

When it comes to planning for your financial future, learning to budget—and sticking with it—can determine the success of your monetary goals. The good news is that it is also habit-forming, especially when it comes to spending.

According to the recent Chase Blueprint Behavioral Panel Survey, Americans who set budgets are more likely to do it altagain.The study, which evaluated consumer attitude and behavior throughout a key purchasing period, also found that Americans buckled down to learn more about their spending over the holiday season, including responsible strategies to improve their personal finances and achieve their goals.

Setting a budget can not only help you stay on track in the short term, but positively impact your financial future. Fortunately, there are resources available to help you through the budgeting process. Chase Blueprint dramatically improves the way customers can manage their spending and borrowing.  A customer’s balance, everyday expenses and major purchases can all be managed based upon their financial goals.

Blueprint provides customers with more control over their spending and borrowing, including allowing customers to track their progress in real time on every statement, online and on the phone with advisors.

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