5 Ways To Make Instant Coffee Seem Gourmet

5 Ways To Make Instant Coffee Seem Gourmet

Instant coffee often gets a bad rap, but 37 percent of you seem to like it just fine. Although the instant version is basically regular ground coffee that has been freeze-dried, there are a number of people that feel that the taste just is not up to par.

I've been using a number of ingredients to make my Starbucks VIA instant coffee taste like it's store-bought. Not only is it saving me bucks, but it makes me feel like a Starbucks barista. Here are a few ways to dress up that instant cup of joe.

Taste Of Cocoa.

Instant coffee tasting too...instant for you? Throw in some cocoa powder or chocolate syrup to make your drink taste more mocha-like.

Pinch Of Spice.

To give your instant coffee an extra kick, try adding spices to it. Add cinnamon to remind you of the holidays or even some dried minty herbs to make your own peppermint. Other spices to consider adding: neg, allspice, vanilla beans, and cloves.

Read on for 3 more delicious ways to give your instant coffee a boost.


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