How To Save During The Weekend

How To Save During The Weekend

You've survived another busy week of work, and weekends are for relaxing and unwinding. Just be sure that when you're kicking back, you're making the most of your savings, too. Follow these tips for smart weekend spending, and keep an eye on your budget without sacrificing fun.

Plan An Inexpensive Weekend Activity.

More than half of you admit that spending more money on weekends is a given, but that doesn't always have to be the case. Instead, plan a social activity that doesn't require your cash.

Calculate A Purchase.

If shopping's on the brain, just be mindful of what you're spending. If you think of purchase prices in terms of hours worked, you're likely to be a little more choosy about your selections and less likely to blow your budget while you're out shopping around.

Exercise On The Cheap.

If you've been too busy during the work week to exercise, make up for it over the weekend. Don't worry — working out doesn't mean expensive gym memberships; there are many savvy ways to go about it.

Save On Your Weekend Grocery Run.

If you're stocking up on groceries this weekend, be sure you're getting your money's worth. Try a local farmers market or co-op, or buy in bulk when you can to save on your grocery bill every week.

Maximize Your Memberships.

Spend less on your weekend activities by taking advantage of the memberships you already have. Head to your gym for a group class, take a trip to your library for books and DVDs, or make the most of your Netflix membership.


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