Go Old School: Send A Valentine Gram

Valentine Gram

We have a love-hate relationship with Valentine's Day. We're not a fan of commercially constructed holidays that contribute to needless spending; on the other hand, we can't argue with an opportunity to tell our loved ones (not just our SOs) how we feel about them. Love is better than money, after all.

To that end, this Valentine's Day, we suggest forgoing the random gifts that contribute to clutter, and bringing the holiday back to what it's all about: the message of "I Love You" (and its variations). We hearken back to the handcrafted valentines that appeared inside our desks in elementary school to tell us someone cared about us.

We found some grown-up versions of unique ways to send an I-love-you-gram, from an old school mix tape to love gone bad.

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  • this actually made me excited for valentine’s day. genius old skool telegrams. love it.

    • MariaLin

      There’s a “ClifBar” in the candygrams, Lex ;)!

    • MariaLin

      There’s a “ClifBar” in the candygrams, Lex ;)!

  • Sergi by Sergio

    Sergi brand, a new startup fashion shoes brand for career women is holding a special Valentines Day for those still single. It is a night to celebrate the fruits of being independent career city girls! RSVP deadline is February 11th. Event is at Flatiron Lounge, February 13th. Please advise if you would like an invitation. nHappy Footmusing Day! n-Sergi

    • Flatironlounge

      Hi Sergio,nnMy name is Josh and I am the General Manager of Flatiron Lounge. It would be helpful if we had information about your event. Can you please contact us at 212 727 7741 or flatironlounge@aol.com?nnThank you

  • Sumigrl

    Did a search on my iPhone for this app & nothing came up…?

  • Sumigrl

    Did a search on my iPhone for this app & nothing came up…?

  • Leda

    As far as the poll goes, I believe that whoever can afford to pay, should pay. That said, I also believe that there is something about the biological make-up of men that tells them if a woman is paying, she’s not as great a catch as a woman they have to spring for. Sad, but I have found this to appear evident on dates I have been on…and I have been on sooooooo many dates with soooooo many guys. Now, happily involved with one and we jump in financially for each other whenever necessary (although him more than me, to be honest).

  • Mallory

    Thanks for letting us know about the iPhone app! Unfortunately, we just found out that it isn’t available in the US app store anymore. What we did snoop around to find is a similar app in the Droid Marketplace called “The Girlfriend App.” Looks like other developers should start following suit…hint hint!nMallory, EA at LearnVest

  • gjack

    Why must these be presented in slideshow format? It’s an obvious ploy for pageviews and it’s a poor user experience. The content is great, but the abundance of slideshows on LearnVest makes me reluctant to visit.

    • julia

      Agreed. It makes it nearly impossible to read an article on my phone… and even on my computer, the page load rate to go through slides is annoyingly slow. Then there’s not even a guarantee that each slide has any text with it, so I might as well just look at the thumbnails.

  • I LOVE the USB/mix tape! The free Valentine’s Day playlist that Amazon is giving away is another great gift idea: http://amzn.to/gjycRO