From Sage Leaves To Cream Puffs: A Valentine’s Day Meal

Valentine's MealAs we've said before, Valentine's Day isn't just for the paired-off. We're all about converting this pseudo-holiday into a fun opportunity to celebrate friends, family, and all loved ones. And a great meal is one way to do it.

One of our favorite pastimes is to host a Valentine’s Day lunch with friends—a way for both singles and takens to get together, since dinner plans might be out. But the menu we’ve prepared can just as easily work for a romantic V-Day dinner. And the best part is, the costs come out to just $15 per person.

As far as we’re concerned, "sexy foods" (yes, we just wrote "sexy foods") are foods that make you feel incredible when you're eating them, and don't have to involve weird aphrodisiacs like oysters or rhino horns. We’re more into those rich, creamy, but relatively healthy foods that taste so good they make us remember that we're really lucky to have so much love (and profiteroles) in our lives.

The Menu:

Fried Sage Leaves
Crisp Orange Avocado Salad
New Zealand Lamb Chops
Roasted Asparagus
Creamy Goat Cheese Polenta
Fresh Mango Slices
Profiteroles & Cream

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  • Mary

    I was interested in a few of your Valentine’s Day menu items, however I would prefer to have the ability to click on an item, then get the recipe; rather than hunt all over your website for them. I don’t have the patience for long layered webpage loads.

    • Hi Mary,nnI’d love to help, but I’m not entirely sure that I understand the issue. The slide show below has recipes on each slide. Click on the item you like, and you’ll get the recipe. If you want to see all of them, you can click through the full slide show. If you are on a computer that is loading slowly or you’re not interested in the slide show, we also provided a link to a version that’s text-only so you don’t have to wait for the same load time. What’s the problem that you’re experiencing? nnBest,nAllison

  • Shana

    I agree with Mary. When you click on the picture to get the recipe, the recipe does not load.

    • Hi Shana (and Mary and other people experiencing this issue),nnWe’re on the case, but when we go to the page on our end we’re not seeing any issues. You would be a rock star if you could email with what browser you’re using and exactly what the issue is that you’re encountering–are you clicking on the pictures in the website version (this page) or from the Daily email? Does the image load, just not the text for the recipe? nnOur team will get back to you, and the more info you give us, the more of a head start the tech team will have in solving the problem. Thanks!nnBest,nAllisonnEditor @ LV

      • Julia

        I’m having the same issue. I don’t even read LearnVest anymore—too much hassle. The slides don’t pull up when you click on them. The slide format is so condescending anyway—I know it’s just a way to get more ads to the consumer with each new page load.

      • Marie

        I’m using IE8 and not having any problems. The recipes look delicious.

  • LLF


  • I know that a lot of people find the slide show format difficult, whether it’s because they’re looking at the article on their phones, because of the small bug today on the updated player (which the tech team is handling, so never fear!), and because they simply don’t like the interface. nnEditorially, we tend to find that recipes work best as a slide show because otherwise the article gets very long with recipes (and multiple images don’t meld as well on the page). All the same, we hear you and you’re our first concern. Tell us what you think: For the first time today, we added an optional link to a version of this article that’s NOT a slide show–it’s less of a rich, visual experience since it doesn’t feature images, but we hope that this overcomes some of the frustration with the player, especially for people viewing on their phones.nnSo, tell us: What do you think? Did you use this option? Do you find it helpful?nnAllisonnDeputy Editor @ LV