Can A Big Budget Buy You An Oscar?

Can A Big Budget Buy You An Oscar?

Can Cash Buy You An OscarMoney can’t buy love, but can it buy you a little gold trophy? As the 83rd Annual Academy Awards season ramps up, we wanted to know whether there was a correlation between being a Best Picture Oscar nominee (or winner) and having a blockbuster-sized movie budget. The cynic in us was surprised by the results. The short answer: No. Sometimes substance does prevail over bling.

We've laid out some of the most popular and notable movies of 2010 by budget and marked out the Oscar nominees to see where they fall. Here's the real question: Did Killers really need to spend almost six times the budget of Black Swan?

Producers, take note.

For a full list of the major 2010 movie budgets, scroll to the bottom of the story.



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