12 Tips For Exercising On The Cheap


Don’t give yourself more excuses — exercising doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out some of these budget-savvy tips and tricks for toning your physique.

1. Bounce Around

Take advantage of those free gym trials or passes. I once received a free month’s worth of yoga classes, and enjoyed every bit of it. If you put in the time to research, you’ll be able to jump from free trial to free trial, which you can even sustain for a year. Check out how blogger Julia Neyman lived off of free gym passes in New York for 12 months.

2. Online Savings

If you linger around daily coupon sites like FreshGuide and Groupon you’ll be able to spot great deals for exercise outlets such as yoga studios and gyms. I recently bought a deal for 35 hot yoga classes, which I paid $39 for. This means each class cost me about a dollar each — now that’s a real deal!

Further, sometimes you can get better discounts if you purchase through the establishment’s website, so if you’re ever interested in signing up for exercise classes, be sure to check out their Internet web page.

Read on for ten more cost-effective exercise tips.

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