Zuckerberg Rejects Facebook Shutdown

Zuckerberg Rejects Facebook Shutdown

Stop frantically saving all 438 of your Facebook photos—Facebook isn’t shutting down. A rumor spread like wildfire (as internet rumors tend to do) that March 15, 2011 will be the end of Facebook, due to its founders feeling that the site has gotten unmanageable.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg calls it "silliness."

More Money, More Time.

Where, exactly, did such an idea begin? Anyone who didn’t treat that idea with enormous skepticism clearly hasn’t been keeping up on her news. Facebook is fresh off a $500 million investment that sparked SEC inquiries and a new round of media coverage. The money will allow Facebook to remain a private company, where they’ll continue to take over the internet without responsibility to public investors. If you haven’t been keeping up on your LearnVest, you’ll find a complete breakdown of Facebook’s ownership and worth HERE.

How Big Is Too Big?

And as for the idea of Facebook’s enormous, movie-inspiring, SEC-alarming success being too overwhelming and leading to a shutdown of the site: Wasn’t world domination the plan all along?


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