Watch Out, Groupon: Here Comes Google Offers

Watch Out, Groupon: Here Comes Google Offers

In case you aren’t running two web browsers at all hours of the day and night, just waiting for up-to-the-minute news in technology and/or discount shopping, here’s the latest: Google is developing its own online coupon program to compete with Groupon.

High Intrigue In The Google Fortress.

Mashable broke the story last night, using leaked documents as evidence that the as-then-unannounced program is actually in existence. According to their source (how mysterious), the program will be called Google Offers and operate similarly to Groupon or Living Social—a daily email with a local deal of the day, which expires after a certain amount of time. If enough people buy the deal, it goes through and everyone gets their half-off mani/pedis, or whatever it may be. After Mashable put the story out there, Google confirmed that Offers is indeed in development.

Groupon Said No, So Google Said “Next!”

Particularly interesting about this move is that, as we all remember, Google had recently tried to buy Groupon, but the popular coupon site rejected the offer in favor of an upcoming IPO. So, being Google, the spurned suitor (complete with a new CEO) set out to create its own masterpiece. We have to wonder what Google will bring to the table that hasn’t already appeared. Groupon and LivingSocial are the most high-profile coupon sites, but certainly not the only ones. There are deals on meals and travel, events and salon appointments. There are group deals and individual deals. We’re so used to Google dusting its products with Google charm and presenting services almost universally beloved. But what more can it do with an online coupon service?


Photo Credit: Mashable


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